Julian played his highest card.


Now it's time to say good night.


This is an amazing discovery.

Mrs Ligno was a very good cook.

Jin woke up the next day with a painful hangover.

I'm happy when you do that.

You must know her pretty well.

I heard about everything.

I thought you'd like Earle.


We can go anywhere we like.

I asked Mats why he wasn't happy.

I feel like I should be doing something to help.

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That's a huge mistake.

I'd like you to tell Vicki not to be late.

The tiles that fell from the roof broke into very small pieces.

The tax agent allowed the deduction.

It was an unfortunate accident.

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She is out on an errand.

Kristin's not finished.

You're competent but you're slacking.

Your son is quite grown up now.

He was sent for and had to go.

I do not drink coffee.

Pay closer attention from now on.

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Do you feel like less of a man?

I think that's exactly what happened.

Neither you nor I are mistaken.

You should try to help him.

The blame lies elsewhere.


Stand it on its end.

Hy has a back injury.

The rain already stopped.

I thought about you a lot.

It can take years for people who migrate to a country to gain an understanding of the social and cultural mores of that country.

I despise Terri.

Recently "simplistic" is being used more and more often as a substitute for "simple." Such solecisms--presumably driven by a desire to appear learned--impoverish the language..


I'm glad you're my friend.

People are buying iMacs the same way they buy household appliances.

I think I'll go buy something to eat.

I know I should've helped Stu, but I didn't have the time.

It sounds like you're going to buy a pony.

I'm lucky I'm alive.

I like to lie on my back and watch the clouds drift by.


Police officers installed surveillance cameras outside Casey's office.


Today the teacher took "Chinese culture" as a topic.

All you have to do is write.

Their food ran out.

Astrobiologists wonder whether life outside the Earth is based on DNA as on the Earth.

He yields to nobody in love of music.


I eat a lot of meat.


I am afraid I cannot convey the peculiar sensations of time travelling. They are excessively unpleasant.


That's very annoying.


Some people are good at remembering their dreams, others forget theirs.

Has he read this article?

I have little time left to live.

I played tennis after school.

This used to be a parking lot.


Americans appear unsettled and uncontrolled to Japanese.

I explained the accident to him.

My friend went back to Japan.


Barbra looked like he was ready to jump out a window.

Was Sergiu angry?

Thank you very much for your hospitality today.

It takes you an hour to go to the station on foot.

The striped cat is playing with red yarn.

It's so dark.

I'll be in the library.


No one lives in that building anymore.

They wanted to get married as soon as they could.

He could not answer that question.

Sport is good for your health.

Jane has been quiet and grumpy for the past few days.

Come on!

Please speak to me in English.

I need one last favor from you.

Of course, an acrobat must have a perfect sense of balance.

Why was I never told about this?

Would you mind helping me carry this suitcase?


I'm glad I'm done.


I don't remember her name anymore.


The banana was brown and mushy.

I don't know if he's older or younger than me.

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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Check back for details.

I loved going to the beach.

I met her an hour ago.

I think it depends.

I have a dog.

Ha - this work finished! Let's go to next stage!

This problem isn't going away.

They like attention.

I decided to tell her that I love him.

We have more important things to do.

If you say, "I love you," then I will also say that to you.

Should cannabis be legal?

Don't cut in when others are talking.

I know each one of you.

Lou attached some twine to the kite.

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I think I'm resolute.

He was very persistent.

My parents were living in Boston when I was born.

You should've listened to Sidney.

She had an individual style of speaking.

This drink's flavor is obviously that of tea.

Roderick is honest and expects other people to be honest, too.

It'll soon be possible for us to do that.

We can't afford to take risks like that.

How did you vote on that matter?

I have brought you what you asked for.

I want you to start right now.

Pontus wanted me to leave the door unlocked.

Diane is your half sister, too.

Get your act together.


Not a star was to be seen.


These slums are a disgrace to the city.

I am a flawed person, but these are flaws that can easily be fixed.

I won a medal in 2003.

Do you have a better idea?

It isn't worth it.


He suddenly took a liking to detective stories.


The Johnsons are very sociable people, who enjoy hosting parties often.

He's spent all afternoon rooting up last year's spinach plants.

It's boring.

What're you discussing?

I feel stuffy.


The sun at dusk is red.

Am I fat?

We shall put off our departure in case it rains.

Let me give you my phone number.

This is an extremely serious matter.

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Now it's gone.


It's the most sophisticated model on the market.

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The cat has just passed by beside me.


Do you think there's any chance Clayton will be able to find Ram?


Per has a handlebar mustache.

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Jos couldn't live up to Ronni's expectations.


Victoria died in 1901.

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Klaudia wants to change.

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The price of crude oil is sinking.

The scarecrow in the backyard fell over during the hurricane.

Sergiu wanted to find a creative way to tell Jarvis that he loved her.


I know why you're planning to quit your job.


It comes with soup or salad.

We've chosen a hotel in the vicinity of the museum.

You've been amazingly tolerant.

Donetsk is a large city in eastern Ukraine on the Kalmius river.

I make thirteen dollars an hour.

That guy's too much for me.

You should've heard me. I shouted as loud as I could.

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When I came back, my car had vanished.

What makes them special?

You don't owe Hohn anything.

Can you explain that to me?

Kirsten's great-great-grandfather was a pirate.

I can speak Osmani.

Nichael quit writing and put down his pen.

Right-wing ideologues are quick to point out the pathology of gender dysphoria but slow to acknowledge its standard treatment, gender transition.

How much is the admission?

I want you behind bars.

Cole has many good qualities.